Agent Logins And Information

Broker Information For IABS and Contracts

Realty Nation, Inc.

Broker License : 9009304
Expires: 03/31/2022

Designated Supervisor

Melissa Cassel 
888-269-4442 Ext: 700

Individual Brokerage Number


Corporate Office

244 FM 306, Suite 120 Unit 631
New Braunfels, TX 78130

Company Branded Agent Email Login

If you purchased a company branded email you can click on the image to the right of this text and login with the credentials you were provided. We also have a login link at the bottom of every page called “Agent Email” . If you don’t see this image when you are logging into the webmail let us know. You can also configure an email handler like Apple Mail or outlook. We utilize office 365 email service. 

MLS Association Logins

Click On The MLS Logo Or Picture To Login To Your MLS

Four Rivers Association Of Realtors

San Antonio Board Of Realtors

Corpus Christi Board Of Realtors

Houston Association Of Realtors

Austin Board Of Realtors

Transaction Systems Logins

Zip Forms Plus By Lonewolf

We use Zip Forms Plus to manage documents for transactions. The image next to this paragraph is what the login screen looks like and you can click on it to take you to the login page. Sometimes it will give a security certificate warning when accessing the site. You can select proceed anyway and continue. You will need to know your NAR number if accessing for the first time. The Brokers will let you know your login instructions. 

Back Agent Back Office

Once you get a transaction going you’ll need to upload the documents (Contract, Survey, Sellers Disclosure, HOA, etc.) to the back agent system. This system offers checklists, timelines, reminders, and is how we process the CDA (Commission Disbursement Authorization) or how agents will get paid. 

CRM and Agent Website Logins

Agent Website and CRM

If you subscribed to our CRM and Agent website you would log in here. You can click on the image next to this paragraph to access the system. You should have received login information from Realty Nation and Sierra Development. 

Training And Resources

Zip Forms Support And Training

Please use the link next to this paragraph to take care of support issues you might encounter. If you have reached out to Lonewolf Zip Forms support and are still having an issue please email us to let us know the specific issue. 

Agent Website / CRM Training

If you opted in for Agent Website / CRM you can go to the training at the link to the right of this paragraph as long as you are logged into the system. They have an in-depth training program and offer support while logged in to the system. Please refer to the resources to maximize your investment in the agent website and CRM program. They may also try to sell you add-ons, but it is not required to participate in. 

Back Agent Training

Back Agent offers training on their system, but you will have to be logged in to see it or look up their vimeo video channel. Please make sure to check out their training resources. 

Frequently Used Documents

Realty Nation IABS Form

TREC Consumer Protection Notice

Realty Nation Brokers License